SOARING is a Non-Profit Volunteer Organization.
Our Mission is to help Youth ages 7-17 through difficult times in their lives. Setting New Goals and Meeting Challenges in themselves Creates Self Esteem.Our Goal is to Strengthen Connections Between Adolescents and their Families and the Community as a Whole. The Soaring Program Culminates in a Graduation Ceremony, and a Plane Ride. The Kids Love it.

Barbara Morgan, our NASA astronaut and teacher in space joins the S.O.A.R.I.N.G. inc. program with our “Secret Handshake” and a big smile. Joe says, “She told me she wants to help our kids and families anyway she can”. Would you come to a S.O.A.R.I.N.G. fund raiser if we could get Barbara to be our guest speaker?

Aviation fuel is about double your car’s fuel cost! Our kids “earn” their graduation flights but they don’t pay for it! 100% of your donation will go to our “Fuel Fund” and will keep our kids and planes “soaring”!